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chantools dropchannelgraph

Remove all graph related data from a channel DB


This command removes all graph data from a channel DB, forcing the lnd node to do a full graph sync.

Or if a single channel is specified, that channel is purged from the graph without removing any other data.

CAUTION: Running this command will make it impossible to use the channel DB with an older version of lnd. Downgrading is not possible and you'll need to run lnd v0.13.1-beta or later after using this command!'

chantools dropchannelgraph [flags]


chantools dropchannelgraph \
	--channeldb ~/.lnd/data/graph/mainnet/channel.db

chantools dropchannelgraph \
	--channeldb ~/.lnd/data/graph/mainnet/channel.db \
	--single_channel 726607861215512345


      --channeldb string      lnd channel.db file to dump channels from
  -h, --help                  help for dropchannelgraph
      --single_channel uint   the single channel identified by its short channel ID (CID) to remove from the graph

Options inherited from parent commands

  -r, --regtest   Indicates if regtest parameters should be used
  -t, --testnet   Indicates if testnet parameters should be used


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