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chantools filterbackup

Filter an lnd channel.backup file and remove certain channels


Filter an lnd channel.backup file by removing certain channels (identified by their funding transaction outpoints).

chantools filterbackup [flags]


chantools filterbackup \
	--multi_file ~/.lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/channel.backup \
	--discard 2abcdef2b2bffaaa...db0abadd:1,4abcdef2b2bffaaa...db8abadd:0


      --bip39               read a classic BIP39 seed and passphrase from the terminal instead of asking for lnd seed format or providing the --rootkey flag
      --discard string      comma separated list of channel funding outpoints (format <fundingTXID>:<index>) to remove from the backup file
  -h, --help                help for filterbackup
      --multi_file string   lnd channel.backup file to filter
      --rootkey string      BIP32 HD root key of the wallet to use for decrypting the backup; leave empty to prompt for lnd 24 word aezeed

Options inherited from parent commands

  -r, --regtest   Indicates if regtest parameters should be used
  -t, --testnet   Indicates if testnet parameters should be used


  • chantools - Chantools helps recover funds from lightning channels