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chantools genimportscript

Generate a script containing the on-chain keys of an lnd wallet that can be imported into other software like bitcoind


Generates a script that contains all on-chain private (or public) keys derived from an lnd 24 word aezeed wallet. That script can then be imported into other software like bitcoind.

The following script formats are currently supported:

  • bitcoin-cli: Creates a list of bitcoin-cli importprivkey commands that can be used in combination with a bitcoind full node to recover the funds locked in those private keys.
  • bitcoin-cli-watchonly: Does the same as bitcoin-cli but with the bitcoin-cli importpubkey command. That means, only the public keys are imported into bitcoind to watch the UTXOs of those keys. The funds cannot be spent that way as they are watch-only.
  • bitcoin-importwallet: Creates a text output that is compatible with bitcoind's importwallet command.
  • electrum: Creates a text output that contains one private key per line with the address type as the prefix, the way Electrum expects them.
chantools genimportscript [flags]


chantools genimportscript --format bitcoin-cli \
	--recoverywindow 5000


      --bip39                   read a classic BIP39 seed and passphrase from the terminal instead of asking for lnd seed format or providing the --rootkey flag
      --derivationpath string   use one specific derivation path; specify the first levels of the derivation path before any internal/external branch; Cannot be used in conjunction with --lndpaths
      --format string           format of the generated import script; currently supported are: bitcoin-importwallet, bitcoin-cli, bitcoin-cli-watchonly and electrum (default "bitcoin-importwallet")
  -h, --help                    help for genimportscript
      --lndpaths                use all derivation paths that lnd used; results in a large number of results; cannot be used in conjunction with --derivationpath
      --recoverywindow uint32   number of keys to scan per internal/external branch; output will consist of double this amount of keys (default 2500)
      --rescanfrom uint32       block number to rescan from; will be set automatically from the wallet birthday if the lnd 24 word aezeed is entered (default 500000)
      --rootkey string          BIP32 HD root key of the wallet to use for decrypting the backup; leave empty to prompt for lnd 24 word aezeed
      --stdout                  write generated import script to standard out instead of writing it to a file

Options inherited from parent commands

  -r, --regtest   Indicates if regtest parameters should be used
  -t, --testnet   Indicates if testnet parameters should be used


  • chantools - Chantools helps recover funds from lightning channels