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chantools sweeptimelock

Sweep the force-closed state after the time lock has expired


Use this command to sweep the funds from channels that you force-closed with the forceclose command. You MUST use the result file that was created with the forceclose command, otherwise it won't work. You also have to wait until the highest time lock (can be up to 2016 blocks which is more than two weeks) of all the channels has passed. If you only want to sweep channels that have the default CSV limit of 1 day, you can set the --maxcsvlimit parameter to 144.

chantools sweeptimelock [flags]


chantools sweeptimelock \
	--fromsummary results/forceclose-xxxx-yyyy.json \
	--sweepaddr bc1q.....


      --apiurl string            API URL to use (must be esplora compatible) (default "")
      --bip39                    read a classic BIP39 seed and passphrase from the terminal instead of asking for lnd seed format or providing the --rootkey flag
      --feerate uint16           fee rate to use for the sweep transaction in sat/vByte (default 30)
      --fromchanneldb string     channel input is in the format of an lnd channel.db file
      --fromsummary string       channel input is in the format of chantool's channel summary; specify '-' to read from stdin
  -h, --help                     help for sweeptimelock
      --listchannels string      channel input is in the format of lncli's listchannels format; specify '-' to read from stdin
      --maxcsvlimit uint16       maximum CSV limit to use (default 2016)
      --pendingchannels string   channel input is in the format of lncli's pendingchannels format; specify '-' to read from stdin
      --publish                  publish sweep TX to the chain API instead of just printing the TX
      --rootkey string           BIP32 HD root key of the wallet to use for deriving keys; leave empty to prompt for lnd 24 word aezeed
      --sweepaddr string         address to sweep the funds to

Options inherited from parent commands

  -r, --regtest   Indicates if regtest parameters should be used
  -t, --testnet   Indicates if testnet parameters should be used


  • chantools - Chantools helps recover funds from lightning channels