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chantools vanitygen

Generate a seed with a custom lnd node identity public key that starts with the given prefix


Try random lnd compatible seeds until one is found that produces a node identity public key that starts with the given prefix.

Example output:

Running vanitygen on 8 threads. Prefix bit length is 17, expecting to approach
probability p=1.0 after 131,072 seeds.
Tested 185k seeds, p=1.41296, speed=14k/s, elapsed=13s                          
Looking for 022222, found pubkey: 022222f015540ddde9bdf7c95b24f1d44f7ea6ab69bec83d6fbe622296d64b51d6
with seed: [ability roast pear stomach wink cable tube trumpet shy caught hunt
someone border organ spoon only prepare calm silent million tobacco chaos normal
chantools vanitygen [flags]


chantools vanitygen --prefix 022222 --threads 8


  -h, --help            help for vanitygen
      --prefix string   hex encoded prefix to find in node public key
      --threads uint8   number of parallel threads (default 4)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -r, --regtest   Indicates if regtest parameters should be used
  -t, --testnet   Indicates if testnet parameters should be used


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