8653 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  yparitcher 61d02923e9
Dispatcher: fix horizontal margins (#8344) 20 hours ago
  zwim 6492583e96
Autowarmth: wording, help_text, menu tweaks (#8338) 1 day ago
  hius07 d652eec2cd
ReaderHighlight: allow updating a highlight drawing style (#8323) 1 day ago
  hius07 f0b992d425
Bookmarks: new settings and tweaks (#8301) 1 day ago
  hius07 fd697f3c77
wbuilder: use correct call for BookStatus widget (#8342) 1 day ago
  hius07 7036500f5b
Menu widget: adapt font size of shrunken items (#8340) 1 day ago
  hius07 4ffabcf087
Screensaver: correct call of BookStatusWidget 2 days ago
  ElimGarak1 863255c9f4
Add PocketBook InkPad Lite (PB970) (#8335) 2 days ago
  Frans de Jonge 91b921505c
Update translations for 2021.10 (#8334) 3 days ago
  poire-z ca1c3484d8
DictQuickLookup: two minor fixes (#8333) 4 days ago
  yparitcher 1c2e5eee1d
BookStatusWidget: fix status toggle (#8329) 4 days ago
  ichnilatis-gr a1e0d87c62
Greek keyboard: minor updates (#8319) 5 days ago
  git-help-eng 0d231cbbef
Footer: maybe shouldn't be visible on resume (#8289) 1 week ago
  poire-z ade89cb9b6
Adds ScrollableContainer, to be used with tall widgets (#8299) 1 week ago
  yparitcher 8c29b71e45
Tests: emptydir switch from data/dict to history (#8296) 1 week ago
  hius07 b2a7d0d5ce
BookStatusWidget: use correct read percentage (#8318) 1 week ago
  ichnilatis-gr 23be2f278c
[UX] Keyboard: Fix Greek Y popup (#8308) 1 week ago
  Frans de Jonge d8d0066ac0
[CI] Fix certificate issue with quick koreader/koappimage:0.1.8 (#8305) 1 week ago
  yparitcher feab232f35 Kopt: keep 4 items per panel 2 weeks ago
  yparitcher 4c0d11c6d9 Dispatcher: use absolutenumber in more places 2 weeks ago
  yparitcher 888802f618 kopt: allow pdf auto straighten 2 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 75706ca0be
TextBoxWidget: Unbreak Wikipedia (bis) (#8298) 2 weeks ago
  zwim 6b5cf63d07
Autowarmth: fix info text alignment issues (#8271) 2 weeks ago
  ichnilatis-gr e4337d1306
Greek keyboard: minor updates (#8292) 2 weeks ago
  ichnilatis-gr c6b3d5d3a5
Greek keyboard: minor updates (#8291) 2 weeks ago
  zwim cde13360ae
Fix bug when leaving/entering FM/reader (#8295) 2 weeks ago
  hius07 3fe09ecc01
CenterContainer: options to handle larger content (#8277) 2 weeks ago
  hius07 4c9d1ac3f8
Spinwidgets: can now get width or width_factor (#8269) 2 weeks ago
  hius07 2b87b1d8ed
Virtualkeyboard: allow grey'ing the legacy umlaut mode key (#8276) 3 weeks ago
  Galunid d4628666c9
Statistics: Read page duration limits: allow min=0s (#8273) 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 0ea8bee4e1
TextBoxWidget: Unbreak Wikipedia (#8275) 3 weeks ago
  Frans de Jonge a21b5be64a
[chore] NewsDownloader: various minor string fixes (#8268) 3 weeks ago
  Frans de Jonge e865fb9114
[chore] NewsDownloader: remove stray space (#8267) 3 weeks ago
  zwim 2dfbf56624
Autowarmth: Make Information in easy mode more beautiful (#8264) 3 weeks ago
  zwim c8e55ec997
Autowarmth text formatting (#8262) 3 weeks ago
  zwim 0c7d174cd7
[frontlight, kobo, cervantes] Remove auto_warmth (#8154) 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 4a2f519600 Kobo: Use CLOEXEC in the Device module 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 53b8ed48bf Kobo: Don't leak fds in isWifiOn 3 weeks ago
  zwim 9ed22df03f
DateTimeWidget: replaces DateWidget and TimeWidget (#8240) 3 weeks ago
  ichnilatis-gr 84baf00416
Greek keyboard: minor updates (#8258) 3 weeks ago
  zwim 20f7d14495
Plugin: Auto warmth and night mode (#8129) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 8a750d4692
File searcher: fix FileManager invocation (#8257) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 e3cf8eea56
Many widgets: similar size in portrait and landscape (#8238) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 1e47cd7e5f
SpinWidget: similar size in portrait and landscape (#8226) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 456dfeaf8e
Fix segfault on exit after opening fb2.zip (#8232) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 3e313be22b
Screenshoter: allow reset default folder from menu (#8227) 3 weeks ago
  hius07 02170ee9b6
Progresswidget: lighter background color (#8195) 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 5ab689aa71 Bump android-luajit-launcher 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 8c863d357b Bump base 3 weeks ago
  NiLuJe 0c913b6043 BookInfoManager: Minor fixes & tweaks in `collectSubprocesses` 3 weeks ago