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zwim b029a6a1ff
[autosuspend, plugin] Switch to datetimewidget and provide default values (#8480) 2 months ago
zwim e9ba854ff0
DeviceMenu: Colons and more information (#8435) 2 months ago
Aleksa Sarai ac907df634 util: add reversible table method wrapping helper 2 months ago
Aleksa Sarai d0d2d0d1d6
*: luacheck fixes (#8368) 3 months ago
Aleksa Sarai 6f1b70e5eb util.utf8: improve CJK character detection 3 months ago
zwim 20f7d14495
Plugin: Auto warmth and night mode (#8129) 4 months ago
NiLuJe 1c739f1d54
ReadTimer: More QoL tweaks (#8107) 5 months ago
yparitcher 120eaf9193
secondsToHClock(): always floor seconds for consistency (#7987) 6 months ago
Brian Hughes ba65dc155b
Adds time left for chapter and document to the screensaver message options (#7897) 7 months ago
NiLuJe a4dc7375f1 Util: Always sanitize filenames on Android 7 months ago
NiLuJe 1b852d1842
util.findFiles: Don't die on broken symlinks (#7829) 7 months ago
NiLuJe bf6c0cdd6c
LuaSettings: Add a method to initialize a setting properly (#7371) 11 months ago
NiLuJe 572900bfff When displaying a *date* (as opposed to a *time*), pad the hour with 11 months ago
Frans de Jonge 9f2c45284b
[chore, documentation] Fix up util.stringStartsWith/stringEndsWith LDoc comments (#7292) 11 months ago
Frans de Jonge 5c9dc850e8
Address assorted Weblate comments (#7154) 1 year ago
NiLuJe dffe86dfe9
Cleanup eye-gouging madness around io.read calls (#7149) 1 year ago
Martín Fdez b8f0dc3752 add table persistence module 1 year ago
NiLuJe 3060dc81af
Revamp "flash_ui" handling (#7118) 1 year ago
poire-z f96585ece8
htmlToPlainText(): tweak format paragraphs with indentation (#7095) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge dafaf966e4
htmlToPlainText(): Format paragraphs with indentation (#7027) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 7f6bc28eca BookInfoManager: Convert thumbnail compression to ZSTD 1 year ago
NiLuJe c1496e943b util: Simplify splitFile* util functions 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 608cc04622
Fix docs (#6999) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 32bf53cfdf
ReaderFooter: Don't duplicate a 12h clock time format option (#6973) 1 year ago
Martín Fernández c481c5aa04
move unpackArchive to Device, use native version on android (#6959) 1 year ago
jperon 8eeb010dc9
Paged documents: rework zoom options (#6885) 1 year ago
ezdiy 144fd78986
fontlist: Skip fonts with missing family_name (#6820) 1 year ago
ezdiy a73bf1afda
fontlist: Cache categorized font info (for mupdf) (#6786) 1 year ago
NiLuJe ec3ec8dc21
Show full ToC entry on hold (#6729) 1 year ago
poire-z bafc52afd1 util: adds util.secondsToHour(), util.secondsToDate() 1 year ago
Martín Fernández f9293a67b0
[fix] Remove isAllowedScript leftovers (#6366) 2 years ago
zwim 43693c9fe9
Add the possibility run shell scripts from filemanager on android (#6288) 2 years ago
Martín Fernández 83cde64bcc
unified calibre plugin (#6177) 2 years ago
poire-z 886b3063e7
Style tweaks: adds "Book-specific tweak" menu item (#6244) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 5499d85cbc
Allow running shell scripts from the FileManager/Favorites (#5804) 2 years ago
poire-z 0599c440cc [RTL UI] Bidi-wrap filenames, paths, urls, metadata 2 years ago
poire-z f488eb2bb3 util.getFriendlySize(): add option to right align 2 years ago
poire-z 7952fa2c09 [RTL UI] update widgets and apps for UI mirroring 2 years ago
poire-z 36ce82d8c2 [RTL UI] update low-level widgets to handle mirroring 2 years ago
Robert e4dd1826fa Translate file size unit (#5651) 2 years ago
Robert 2161a76ea8 fix util.secondsToHClock when hmsFormat is true (#5640) 2 years ago
NiLuJe d8e0b1759b
Other minor frontend.util cleanups (#5629) 2 years ago
NiLuJe e0f14a336e
Rewrite unicodeCodepointToUtf8 w/ bitopt (#5625) 2 years ago
Frans de Jonge 6ed58346a1
[i18n] Add translator notes (#5250) 2 years ago
Frans de Jonge a2dcfe9aec
[doc] Tag @todo, @fixme and @warning (#5244) 2 years ago
Frans de Jonge da988c15de
[CI] Switch to custom xgettext build to extract multiline strings (#5242) 2 years ago
Frans de Jonge e2ceace302
[fix, CI] Push to Transifex from master, fix multiline strings for xgettext (#5238) 2 years ago
Robert 5da3312869 More footer options, default to use icons as prefixes (#5203) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 2e7a910178
Some BookStatus QoL tweaks (#5100) 3 years ago
Frans de Jonge 9300a59a89
[fix] util.getSafeFilename() maximum extension length (#5067) 3 years ago