82 Commits (master)

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yparitcher 66f97c25f6
Kindle: remove zsync plugin iptables rules (#8471) 2 months ago
hius07 b56897f61e
Kindle: don't kill kb service on start (#8122) 5 months ago
NiLuJe 901dda8d98 Kindle: Resume services *before* restoring the title bar 7 months ago
NiLuJe d6eefe18ef Kindle: Stop/start a bunch of services on FW 5.x to reclaim a sliver of 7 months ago
NiLuJe e0a67bb656
OTA: Handle tar checkpointing visual feedback w/ an FBInk daemon (#7588) 9 months ago
yparitcher dc964f3941
reader.lua: rework file/directory argument handling. (#7053) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 5ae5c99197
Legacy Kindle: Unbreak screensavers (#7112) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 17356bbb2a
Kindle: Make ReaderActivityIndicator a stub (#7002) 1 year ago
yparitcher eecdf5bb9b
kindle: honor --asap (#6662) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 21847dfb40
Don't exit KUAL on the Voyage (#6233) 2 years ago
NiLuJe dd0cdb9dcb
[Kindle] Don't resize the titlebar on FW >= 5.12.4 (#6204) 2 years ago
NiLuJe f9889cef22
Tweak the post-OTA warning on Kindle (#6120) 2 years ago
NiLuJe bb39853521
[Kindle] Try harder when restoring the title bar (#6009) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 0b898624ac
[Kindle] More accurate on/off FL detection/toggle (#5989) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 9ce22f53b9
[Kindle] Hide the status bar on current FW, too. (#5943) 2 years ago
Frans de Jonge 668eee97fa
[CI] Add curly braces check (#5809) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 72fd93c4dd
Unbreak OTA on Kindle (#5758) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 47da0ae1cd
Unbreak the KUAL extension (#5715) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 70b2564c4b
Ensure we flush everything to disk after an update. (#5685) 2 years ago
Hung-Wei Hung 73c8e5c5cd [Kindle] Update Kindle support devices list (#5235) 2 years ago
NiLuJe 327933d12f
Make the KUAL extension autonomous on Kindle (#5112) 3 years ago
NiLuJe b70eaa7322 Warn that the restart may fail... 3 years ago
NiLuJe a3f8e49a0d Use a temporary copy of our tar binary during OTA updating, to avoid the 3 years ago
NiLuJe 3bc29aa618 Re-order tar CLI args to be closer to other platforms 3 years ago
NiLuJe fe1fb84063 Hide "no framework" buttons on FW 5.x (#4379) 3 years ago
NiLuJe 32ccada2c4
Don't try to deal with KPVBooklet shenanigans when run from KUAL (#4342) 3 years ago
NiLuJe bd6c852cc8
Fix Kindle FW detection (#4336) 3 years ago
NiLuJe 772cdefe92
Support the Kindle PW4 (#4324) 3 years ago
NiLuJe ababbd7aad
Enhanced visual feedback around tar & zsync! (#4194) 3 years ago
NiLuJe 60a6d5f542
Tweak KUAL extension (#4109) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 6835c18ee6
Re-exec startup script on Kindle/Kobo when an OTA update is processed on startup (#4062) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 4ffd959df4
Handle OTA updates during the restart loop on Kobo/Kindle (#4049) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 8089d916a5
Visual feedback around tar/zsync on Kobo during OTA updates (#4043) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 2d44baa561
Fix Android nightlies (#4038) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 2f3d1c80dd
Minimal KOA2 support (#4016) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 5871132c25
UI Behavior tweaks (#3983) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 0dbdd2f61f
Try to inhibit USBMS on Kindles (#3957) 4 years ago
NiLuJe 68c1246575
A round of Kindle fixes (#3955) 4 years ago
Frans de Jonge 857e88147f
[Kindle] Add preliminary support for Kindle Oasis 2 (#3698) 4 years ago
Frans de Jonge 06d7eea507 [Kindle] Add support for Kindle PW3 "manga" model 5 years ago
Hzj_jie 30378eb2a8 Add restart koreader function and ensure FlushSettings event can be delivered to all widgets (#2772) 5 years ago
Qingping Hou d1cc3bd6c2 ota(fix): always purge ota update files 5 years ago
Frans de Jonge e8c01274f4 Travis: enforce shellscript coding style 5 years ago
Frans de Jonge 9d39f11f59 Travis: speed up by caching base and running luacheck earlier (#2741) 5 years ago
Frans de Jonge e5bcdee85e Add ShellCheck and shfmt shell code quality analysis (#2712) 5 years ago
Qingping Hou 744115de9f crash.log(fix): obviously I suck at counting zeros 5 years ago
Qingping Hou 0ed95406a4 log(fix): do not pipe stdout to /dev/null during crash log rotation 5 years ago
Qingping Hou 5309a0a47f misc: rotate crash.log for kobo/kindle/pocketbook 5 years ago
NiLuJe 207af74527 Support the White Kindle PW3 & the Kindle Oasis. 6 years ago
NiLuJe 66b40955c6 Tweak the timing of the previous commit a bit 6 years ago