7868 Commits (4345201e0ea70ee8e3adf6c03e906ecf28e1bf75)

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Martín Fernández 4345201e0e
[CI] Mac OS app (#6955) 1 year ago
poire-z a0eb91d6ab
Some RTL UI fix up after #6885 (#6975) 1 year ago
Martín Fernández c481c5aa04
move unpackArchive to Device, use native version on android (#6959) 1 year ago
Martín Fernández 89e1c406f2
android: downgrade targetSdk to 28 (#6961) 1 year ago
yparitcher b0a1077756
FileManager: fix Plus menu override (#6957) 1 year ago
jperon 53a7067c24
FileManager: don't load already loaded plugins (#6958) 1 year ago
poire-z c20ad8f5e9
RenderImage: add renderSVGImageFile() (#6950) 1 year ago
zwim 0a6ef6e351
CoverImage plugin: allow saving covers as JPG (#6924) 1 year ago
poire-z 8984f1bfd6
bump base: fixes, bumps, write jpg, libkoreader-nnsvg.so (#6952) 1 year ago
jperon 8b7d60299f
JPG/PNG: MuPDF as default provider (#6931) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 8223d01b5d
Quote PATH (#6948) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge fd51671478
[chore] Change single quotes to double quotes (#6949) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 4b9627456e
Fix the frontlight gesture range scaling (#6946) 1 year ago
Martín Fdez 9df5d17a6c bump luajit-launcher 1 year ago
Martín Fdez 616911d314 exclude libs/ from 7z file 1 year ago
Martín Fdez 6d614b9413 Switch compression to lzma2 1 year ago
NiLuJe 6162c287e8
ReaderDictionary: Avoid an irritating refresh when dismissing the InfoMessage (#6934) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 493eab92c9
[RFC] Make default UI tapzones more generous (#6918) 1 year ago
Galunid 059ffc0040
Fix bad authentication handling in opds browser (#6942) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 77314e48c4
kodev: Make the directory finding code work as intended (probably?) (#6935) 1 year ago
John Beard 5bd055206d
Use Unicode minus in ButtonProgressWidget (#6939) 1 year ago
jperon 3d8342a98c
Fix #6929 (#6930) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 908e3ae363
[chore] Don't translate numbers (#6928) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge 575b86593f
[chore, i18n] Remove extra quotation marks (#6927) 1 year ago
Martín Fdez c0b71d0899 bump luajit-launcher and APK to API30 1 year ago
Martín Fdez be2bcac28e switch between internal and external sdcard 1 year ago
jperon 1f16815f94
[chore] Get rid of ui/data/strings.lua (#6921) 1 year ago
NiLuJe bba8b31e1d
AutoSave: Delay I/O until after the pageturn (#6917) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 931f01ef26
Kobo: Warn on restart if the startup script is outdated (#6916) 1 year ago
Martín Fernández b9a59f3930
bug template: [android] log native crashes too (#6920) 1 year ago
jperon 8eeb010dc9
Paged documents: rework zoom options (#6885) 1 year ago
zwim 52f66a89d2
CoverImage plugin: enable on Remarkable and PocketBook (#6906) 1 year ago
zwim 3137f5a158
CoverImage plugin: allow saving covers as BMP (#6904) 1 year ago
poire-z da95091e7b
ReaderTypography: fix language names order in menu (#6913) 1 year ago
jperon 16b37b5605
bump base (thirdparty, crengine), add Latin hyphenation (#6910) 1 year ago
NiLuJe cb2314d11b
Kobo, Mk.5: Tweak CPU frequency scaling (#6905) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 0ae86fc0ec
ReaderFooter: Cleanup some more messy dimensions handling (#6898) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 960b2ae62a
OPDS*: Mangle Calibre feeds some more so that they don't confuse luxl/us (#6902) 1 year ago
poire-z dde497a0df
ReaderCropping: prettier bottom buttons (#6900) 1 year ago
zwim 2785f0d113
Remove leftover and correct info message on empty fallback (#6897) 1 year ago
Frans de Jonge ded8ae6efb
[lang] Minor touch-up to non-linear info text (#6895) 1 year ago
zwim 31fe3b87c3
CoverImage plugin: add "Size and background" options (#6884) 1 year ago
Jellby 5e3c554dd7 Hide non-linear fragments 1 year ago
Jellby f892d4559f Fix typos 1 year ago
Martín Fernández 4a6f8769ae
android: fix dict overrides (#6887) 1 year ago
Jellby dba7112390
Footer: ensure minimum height for the in-fill in progress bar (#6878) 1 year ago
poire-z 314ac1973a Dict/Wiki: update footer on full refresh 1 year ago
poire-z 8d49b8d46b Reference page numbers list: highlight current page 1 year ago
Martín Fernández c7203830b9
bump base: fix build with XCode 12 (#6883) 1 year ago
NiLuJe 510ea5963c
[Kobo] Don't attempt to restart Nickel when asking for a reboot/shutdown (#6880) 1 year ago