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Fix docs, evernote → exporter (#8158)
1 month ago
.. Add Lua 5.1 to sample Debubuntu apt-get command (#7421) 6 months ago [Dev docs] Steer people more strongly towards koxtoolchain (#6727) 1 year ago [doc] Add some tips about GitHub PR refs (#6289) 1 year ago doc: event propagation for widgets 4 years ago ReaderGesture: cleanup (#6292) 1 year ago Dispatcher: use UIManager:sendEvent instead of the current instance (#7999) 2 months ago Mention that arguments are always evaluated, to curb enthusiasm at 2 months ago
Makefile doc: add documentation build infrastructure 5 years ago [doc] Add some basic info on using ffi-cdecl (#5808) 1 year ago [doc] Simplify and reorganize readme (#5217) 2 years ago
config.ld Fix docs, evernote → exporter (#8158) 1 month ago