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Input: Unbreak event handling on strict protocol B devices (#9445)
11 hours ago
apps Highlight: add note marker (#9395) 2 weeks ago
device Input: Unbreak event handling on strict protocol B devices (#9445) 11 hours ago
document CanvasContext.hasEinkScreen(): avoid crash on Android (#9417) 1 week ago
ui ScreenSaver: On race-y platforms, only force a refresh on close if the 2 days ago
cache.lua DocCache: Allow disabling it (again) (#8198) 11 months ago
cacheitem.lua Cache: Some more tweaks after #7624 1 year ago
configurable.lua KOPTInterface: Minor optimization when hashing the configurable status 1 year ago
dbg.lua Minor Lua I/O cleanups (#8921) 5 months ago
depgraph.lua Tame a few tests that relied on `pairs` being somewhat deterministic (#6371) 2 years ago
device.lua Truly silence the attempt at loading SDL2 1 year ago
dispatcher.lua Screensaver: add option to require a gesture after resume (#9316) 1 month ago
docsettings.lua docsettings fix no name file (#8517) 9 months ago
dump.lua Make luacheck >= 0.26 happy (#9174) 2 months ago
fontlist.lua Keyboard: add Bengali Probhat layout (#8887) 5 months ago
gettext.lua Make luacheck >= 0.26 happy (#9174) 2 months ago
httpclient.lua build: enforce luacheck in travis build 7 years ago
languagesupport.lua *: luacheck fixes (#8368) 10 months ago
logger.lua use android log categories 4 years ago
luadata.lua Use fsync() for more robust setting files saving 3 years ago
luasettings.lua LuaSettings: Add a method to initialize a setting properly (#7371) 1 year ago
luxl.lua [fix] Don't break OPDS parsing on HR tags (#5949) 2 years ago
optmath.lua [autosuspend, plugin] Switch to datetimewidget and provide default values (#8480) 9 months ago
persist.lua Cache: Fix a whole lot of things. 1 year ago
pluginloader.lua remove send2ebook plugin (#8747) 7 months ago
pluginshare.lua Move PluginShare.backgroundJobs into PluginShare module (#3128) 5 years ago
random.lua Faster blitting @ BB8/BBRGB32 when no processing is needed (#4847) 3 years ago
readcollection.lua Minor util & ffi/util cleanups (#6657) 2 years ago
readhistory.lua Book Shortcuts: allow recursively searching folders 5 months ago
socketutil.lua Unify LuaSocket usage (#7405) 1 year ago
userpatch.lua userpatch: allow monkey-patching KOReader (#9104) 2 months ago
util.lua Autoturn: change to minutes and seconds (#9055) 3 months ago
version.lua Centralize one time migration code after updates (#7531) 1 year ago