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Inheritable abstraction for cache items
local CacheItem = {
size = 128, -- some reasonable default for a small table.
--- NOTE: As far as size estimations go, the assumption is that a key, value pair should roughly take two words,
--- and the most common items we cache are Geom-like tables (i.e., 4 key-value pairs).
--- That's generally a low estimation, especially for larger tables, where memory allocation trickery may be happening.
function CacheItem:new(o)
o = o or {}
setmetatable(o, self)
self.__index = self
return o
-- Called on eviction.
-- We generally use it to free C/FFI resources *immediately* (as opposed to relying on our Userdata/FFI finalizers to do it "later" on GC).
-- c.f., TileCacheItem
function CacheItem:onFree()
return CacheItem