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Steps to reproduce

crash.log (if applicable)

crash.log is a file that is automatically created when KOReader crashes. It can normally be found in the KOReader directory:

  • /mnt/private/koreader for Cervantes
  • koreader/ directory for Kindle
  • .adds/koreader/ directory for Kobo
  • applications/koreader/ directory for Pocketbook

Android won't have a crash.log file because Google restricts what apps can log, so you'll need to obtain logs using adb logcat KOReader:I ActivityManager:* AndroidRuntime:* DEBUG:* *:F.

Please try to include the relevant sections in your issue description. You can upload the whole crash.log file on GitHub by dragging and dropping it onto this textbox.

If you instead opt to inline it, please do so behind a spoiler tag:

<Paste crash.log content here>