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MIT licensed Go Report Card Godoc

lntop is an interactive text-mode channels viewer for Unix systems.



Require the go programming language (version >= 1.13)

Raspberry Pi users: be aware that Raspbian ships with Go 1.11 ( see #30 )

git clone
cd lntop
go build   // creates a binary `lntop` in directory
go install // creates a binary and move it in your $GOBIN path

With Go version >= 1.16, you can use go-install

go install


First time lntop is started, a config file .lntop/config.toml is created in the user's home directory. Change address, cert path and macaroon path according to your setup.

The following environment variables, if present, will be used in the initial config file instead of the defaults, so you won't have to have lntop fail on the first start and then manually edit the config file: LND_ADDRESS, CERT_PATH, MACAROON_PATH.

type = "production"
dest = "/root/.lntop/lntop.log"

name = "lnd"
type = "lnd"
address = "//"
cert = "/root/.lnd/tls.cert"
macaroon = "/root/.lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/readonly.macaroon"
macaroon_timeout = 60
max_msg_recv_size = 52428800
conn_timeout = 1000000
pool_capacity = 4

# Not all peers have aliases set up. In order to remember who is whom, pubkeys can be annotated.
# "Forced" aliases will be printed in a different color to be distinguished from network advertised aliases.
035e4ff418fc8b5554c5d9eea66396c227bd429a3251c8cbc711002ba215bfc226 = "Wallet of Satoshi"
03864ef025fde8fb587d989186ce6a4a186895ee44a926bfc370e2c366597a3f8f = "-=[ACINQ]=-"

# views.channels is the view displaying channel list.
# It is possible to add, remove and order columns of the
# table with the array columns. The available values are:
columns = [
	"STATUS",      # status of the channel
	"ALIAS",       # alias of the channel node
	"GAUGE",       # ascii bar with percent local/capacity
	"LOCAL",       # the local amount of the channel
	"CAP",         # the total capacity of the channel
	"SENT",        # the total amount sent
	"RECEIVED",    # the total amount received
	"HTLC",        # the number of pending HTLC
	"UNSETTLED",   # the amount unsettled in the channel
	"CFEE",        # the commit fee
	"LAST UPDATE", # last update of the channel
	"PRIVATE",     # true if channel is private
	"ID",          # the id of the channel
	# "SCID",      # short channel id (BxTxO formatted)

# It is possible to add, remove and order columns of the
# table with the array columns. The available values are:
columns = [
	"DATE",      # date of the transaction
	"HEIGHT",    # block height of the transaction
	"CONFIR",    # number of confirmations
	"AMOUNT",    # amount moved by the transaction
	"FEE",       # fee of the transaction
	"ADDRESSES", # number of transaction output addresses

columns = [
	"DIR",            # event type:  send, receive, forward
	"STATUS",         # one of: active, settled, failed, linkfail
	"IN_CHANNEL",     # channel id of the incomming channel
	"IN_ALIAS",       # incoming channel node alias
	# "IN_SCID",      # incoming short channel id (BxTxO)
	# "IN_HTLC",      # htlc id on incoming channel
	# "IN_TIMELOCK",  # incoming timelock height
	"OUT_CHANNEL",    # channel id of the outgoing channel
	"OUT_ALIAS",      # outgoing channel node alias
	# "OUT_SCID",     # outgoing short channel id (BxTxO)
	# "OUT_HTLC",     # htlc id on outgoing channel
	# "OUT_TIMELOCK", # outgoing timelock height
	"AMOUNT",         # routed amount
	"FEE",            # routing fee
	"LAST UPDATE",    # last update
	"DETAIL",         # error description

Routing view

Routing view displays screenful of latest routing events. This information is not persisted in LND so the view always starts empty and is lost once you exit lntop.

The events are in one of four states:

  • active - HTLC pending
  • settled - preimage revealed, HTLC removed
  • failed - payment failed at a downstream node
  • linkfail - payment failed at this node


If you prefer to run lntop from a docker container, cd docker and follow README there.