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  1. # Loop Client Release Notes
  2. This file tracks release notes for the loop client.
  3. ### Developers:
  4. * When new features are added to the repo, a short description of the feature should be added under the "Next Release" heading.
  5. * This should be done in the same PR as the change so that our release notes stay in sync!
  6. ### Release Manager:
  7. * All of the items under the "Next Release" heading should be included in the release notes.
  8. * As part of the PR that bumps the client version, cut everything below the 'Next Release' heading.
  9. * These notes can either be pasted in a temporary doc, or you can get them from the PR diff once it is merged.
  10. * The notes are just a guideline as to the changes that have been made since the last release, they can be updated.
  11. * Once the version bump PR is merged and tagged, add the release notes to the tag on GitHub.
  12. ## Next release
  13. - Fixed compile time compatibility with `lnd v0.12.0-beta`.
  14. #### New Features
  15. * If lnd is locked when the loop client starts up, it will wait for lnd to be
  16. unlocked. Previous versions would exit with an error.
  17. #### Breaking Changes
  18. #### Bug Fixes