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@ -129,9 +129,39 @@ This can be altered using command line flags. See `loopd --help`.
`loopd` only listens on localhost and uses an unencrypted and unauthenticated
### Loop Out Swaps
Now that loopd is running, you can initiate a simple Loop Out. This will pay
out Lightning off-chain funds and you will receive Bitcoin on-chain funds in
return. There will be some chain and routing fees associated with this swap.
loop out - perform an off-chain to on-chain swap (looping out)
loop out [command options] amt [addr]
Attempts loop out the target amount into either the backing lnd's
wallet, or a targeted address.
The amount is to be specified in satoshis.
Optionally a BASE58/bech32 encoded bitcoin destination address may be
specified. If not specified, a new wallet address will be generated.
--channel value the 8-byte compact channel ID of the channel to loop out (default: 0)
--addr value the optional address that the looped out funds should be sent to, if let blank the funds will go to lnd's wallet
--amt value the amount in satoshis to loop out (default: 0)
It's possible to receive more inbound capacity on a particular channel
(`--channel`), and also have the `loop` daemon send the coins to a target
address (`addr`). The latter option allows ones to effectively send on-chain
from their existing channels!
loop out <amt_in_satoshis>
@ -142,6 +172,35 @@ swap is initiated successfully, `loopd` will see the process through.
To query in-flight swap statuses, run `loop monitor`.
### Loop In Swaps
Additionally, Loop In is now also supported for mainnet as well. A Loop In swap
lets one refill their channel (ability to send more coins) by sending to a
special script on-chain.
loop in - perform an on-chain to off-chain swap (loop in)
loop in [command options] amt
Send the amount in satoshis specified by the amt argument off-chain.
--amt value the amount in satoshis to loop in (default: 0)
--external expect htlc to be published externally
The `--external` argument allows the on-chain HTLC transacting to be published
_externally_. This allows for a number of use cases like using this address to
withdraw from an exchange _into_ your Lightning channel!
A Loop In swap can be executed a follows:
loop in <amt_in_satoshis>
## Resume
When `loopd` is terminated (or killed) for whatever reason, it will pickup