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  Alex Bosworth 96a2187518
Merge pull request #310 from lightninglabs/v0.11.0-beta 1 day ago
  Alex Bosworth a944834a5e
version: bump to 0.11.0-beta 2 days ago
  Alex Bosworth 87d7899d6c
Merge pull request #309 from lightninglabs/remove-old-lnd-versions 2 days ago
  Alex Bosworth 062be68352
README: remove guidance for older versions of LND 2 days ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen c89f57d2a3
Merge pull request #307 from carlaKC/releasenotes-moveautoloop 3 days ago
  carla 99a96a80ae
release_notes: delete old release notes and add instruction 6 days ago
  carla 6f8f6899a3
release_notes: move autoloop into next release 6 days ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 96f395e263
Merge pull request #305 from carlaKC/autoloop-forcetick 2 weeks ago
  carla 87b02b7715
multi: add force tick endpoint behind debug server 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 62be092c87
Merge pull request #306 from lightninglabs/label-tx 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 6e71185a9b
release_notes: add labels 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 38ddbfb45d
mod+loopin+loopout: update lndclient, add labels to TXs 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 3a3571ba6f
labels: add on-chain labels for loop in/out 2 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen afc41adab0
Merge pull request #295 from carlaKC/205-autoout 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 24523b569f
Merge pull request #302 from alexbosworth/v0.10.0-beta 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 649976fa48
Merge pull request #304 from guggero/user-agent-string 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 45ee44d8eb
release_notes: mention user agent string 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 61b2387be7
looprpc+swap_client: add user agent string to swaps 2 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger f36b105135
version: add user agent string 2 weeks ago
  carla 24fb50a1dd
release_notes: add autolooper to new features 2 weeks ago
  carla a2edd78f5a
loop: add autoout parameters to cli 2 weeks ago
  carla eb6b476469
looprpc: add autoloop parameters to rpc server 2 weeks ago
  carla 8166d936e1
multi: add opt-in automated swap dispatch to liquidity manager 2 weeks ago
  carla fd17580213
liquidity: add max in flight limit to swap suggestions 2 weeks ago
  carla 692620d367
liquidity: add fee budget to swap suggestions 2 weeks ago
  carla bda6d36a90
liquidity/test: pass full parameters into suggest swaps and add default 2 weeks ago
  carla 7b56804bbe
multi: move label validation to rpc and simplify validation function 2 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 15a400b411
Merge pull request #303 from carlaKC/gosum-clean 2 weeks ago
  carla b1a4313fbb
go.sum: run go mod tidy to cleanup old dependencies 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth d72b8edef6
version: bump to 0.10.0-beta 2 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen a6956a4e06
Merge pull request #289 from carlaKC/205-restrictsuggestions 3 weeks ago
  carla 14ccdc9b61
release_notes: add swap suggestions updates to release notes 4 weeks ago
  carla ed95c16ae4
loop: add set params command 4 weeks ago
  carla 8931fd370c
loop: rename setparam command to setrule 4 weeks ago
  carla f23a527927
looprpc: add fee and backoff parameters to rpc 4 weeks ago
  carla 0212a41ed0
liquidity: make swap suggestions fee-aware 4 weeks ago
  carla 1d8609bae3
liquidity: add sweep fee limit and confirmations to suggestions 4 weeks ago
  carla 64422ce26a
liquidity: exclude recently failed swaps from suggestions 4 weeks ago
  carla 7740231bac
liquidity: make swap suggestions aware of ongoing swaps 4 weeks ago
  carla 559abd1eea
liquidity: add default parameters struct 4 weeks ago
  carla ad8b5d0552
liquidity: add clock for mocking time in tests 4 weeks ago
  carla 7e9034b2ff
liquidity: return OutRequest from swap suggestions and set fees 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 48744e8a2f
Merge pull request #301 from carlaKC/macaroons-suggestionendpoint 4 weeks ago
  carla ad2b37e709
loopd: add suggestions endpoints to macaroons 4 weeks ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 04af7f8bfc
Merge pull request #210 from joostjager/mpp-probe 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 4bb59f87bf
Merge pull request #298 from guggero/lnd-11.1 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 688659421b
mod+loopd: bump to lnd v0.11.1-beta.rc3 1 month ago
  Joost Jager c8666caf20
loopin: mpp pre-swap probe 5 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 4e1eaa365a
Merge pull request #297 from guggero/expand-macaroonpath 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 8c5bcf7c50
config: expand macaroonpath flag 1 month ago