803 Commits (master)

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  Carla Kirk-Cohen 7ac6e26e90
Merge pull request #413 from Kixunil/config-file-error-handling 1 month ago
  Martin Habovstiak 158e22f2a7 Documented the menaing of returned bool 1 month ago
  Martin Habovstiak c00da1cf09 Renamed explicitConfig to hasExplicitConfig 1 month ago
  Martin Habovštiak 2c1e437f26
Remove extra space 1 month ago
  Martin Habovstiak 84582bbb88 Improve error handling of config file 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger a5aec7b2e9
Merge pull request #411 from guggero/falafel-js-stubs 1 month ago
  Alex Bosworth 63f34ec45c
Merge pull request #410 from lightninglabs/update-to-v0.15.0-beta 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 360e3347be
Travis+make: compile JSON/WASM stubs 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger ca9ec4cfe7
looprpc: generate JSON/WASM client stubs 1 month ago
  Alex Bosworth 7c4c021c07
version: bump version to v0.15.0-beta 1 month ago
  András Bánki-Horváth 91ad53a811
Merge pull request #387 from bhandras/loop_in_probe 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath bfb191c233
docs: update release notes 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 9af6576dae
cli: add optional last hop to the loop in quote 3 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 0e7ed91d5d
loop: integrate the probe api with loop-in quote 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath f786aaa016
loop: add support for the probe API 4 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 7d044f58e8
Merge pull request #409 from lightninglabs/grpc-gateway-update 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger a7fff0ac2f
multi: update lnd master with grpc-gateway upgrade 1 month ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 7a3e3bdad0
Merge pull request #368 from yyforyongyu/fix-test 1 month ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 478f242f91
Merge pull request #407 from carlaKC/355-surfaceloopingrpcerr 2 months ago
  Alex Bosworth b9a3d1d920
Merge pull request #408 from lightninglabs/update-to-v0.14.2-beta 2 months ago
  Alex Bosworth e4911a7269
version: bump version to v0.14.2-beta 2 months ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 79100cc413
Merge pull request #405 from carlaKC/533-newserverstate 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 7091b90e95
Merge pull request #404 from guggero/fix-alpn-error 2 months ago
  carla b8f1fd1c4e
release_notes: add grpc error code surfacing 2 months ago
  carla d1c26a20da
multi: surface server swap initiation grpc error codes 2 months ago
  carla 94692678f3
looprpc: add swap multiple swap scripts server state to rpc enum 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 5178cd1158
release_notes: update with Python ALPN fix 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger e7ee29bd83
Merge pull request #403 from guggero/docker-rpc 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 803773bb65
loop+loopd: fix linter after re-generating protos 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 77f7b73570
looprpc: document missing CLI commands 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 4e45c2908a
loopd: fix ALPN issue with Python 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 86df44362f
make+looprpc: use Docker to compile and format protos 3 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 67c81204f6
looprpc: extract REST annotations into yaml 3 months ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun df5924f25a
Merge pull request #400 from Roasbeef/lnd-013 3 months ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun e24559fdc7
build: pin against lnd v0.13.0 3 months ago
  Alex Bosworth 12d8fd0b76
Merge pull request #398 from lightninglabs/update-to-v0.14.1-beta 3 months ago
  Alex Bosworth cec9a9fe06
version: bump version to v0.14.1-beta 3 months ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 71eb88b2fa
Merge pull request #396 from carlaKC/subscribesingle-eof 3 months ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 087066bafe
Merge pull request #395 from carlaKC/390-uniquenames 3 months ago
  carla 0e72c2bf92
loopin: handle EOF case for SubscribeSingleInvoice 3 months ago
  carla 7dca93fd88
go.mod: bump to lndclient version that handles EOF 3 months ago
  carla cae72b5848
loopin/test: move invoice updates to loopin test context 3 months ago
  carla a3c8e54bf4
release_notes: note proto warning fixed 3 months ago
  carla 1bdcc2cd41
looprpc: prefix server and lnd enums to create unique names 3 months ago
  Alex Bosworth 9d3d9ce680
Merge pull request #393 from lightninglabs/bump-to-v0.14.0-beta 3 months ago
  Alex Bosworth 2d48842605
version: bump version to v0.14.0-beta 3 months ago
  Alex Bosworth beff8964f7
Merge pull request #391 from mauricepoirrier/patch-1 3 months ago
  Maurice Poirrier 346ec2176c
docs: typo 3 months ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 124eeea9d3
Merge pull request #378 from carlaKC/383-cancelation 3 months ago
  carla 6350d873e0
release_notes: add swap cancelation feature 4 months ago