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  Alex Bosworth 0fa3625989
Merge pull request #352 from lightninglabs/version-v0.12.0-beta 13 hours ago
  Alex Bosworth b5fcd9f326
version: bump to v0.12.0-beta 1 day ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 9b9f64d133
Merge pull request #347 from carlaKC/189-loopinfees 1 day ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 5a639a2198
Merge pull request #351 from carlaKC/autoloop-defaults 1 day ago
  carla d928d53f10
loopin: store loop in on-chain fees 1 day ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 6d4d53ca30
Merge pull request #350 from carlaKC/docker-make 1 day ago
  carla 2b206e4d45
dockerfile: use make rather than go install 1 day ago
  carla c17631eee2
liquidity: increase default confirmation target 1 day ago
  carla 4535018e58
liquidity: update default budget to use flat fee percentage 1 day ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen c5ee9843cd
Merge pull request #340 from carlaKC/autoloop-feepercentage 1 day ago
  carla 34726a4130
multi: update release notes and docs to include fee percentage 4 days ago
  carla d4b7f9a378
liquidity: update default fee setting to flat percentage 4 days ago
  carla 299a0a4ff9
loop: add fee ppm to autoloop cli 4 days ago
  carla 90561f8ac7
multi: add fee percentage to rpc 4 days ago
  carla dd1a2de731
multi: add flat fee percentage to autoloop 4 days ago
  carla c778124718
liquidity: move fees behind interface 4 days ago
  carla 4911130671
loopin: store loop in on-chain fees 3 days ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 9ce7fe4df9
Merge pull request #345 from carlaKC/typo-fix 1 week ago
  carla bf9dfdabbe
loop: fix typo in htlc confs 1 week ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen fd4214e68d
Merge pull request #333 from carlaKC/autoloop-3-peerrules 2 weeks ago
  carla b393102696
multi: update docs and release notes to include peer level management 2 weeks ago
  carla b9aae4f8f9
loop: add peer rules to set rule command 2 weeks ago
  carla 949e76bb2a
looprpc: add peer level rules to rpc 2 weeks ago
  carla 3f46ae514b
liquidity: add peer-level liquidity rules to allow aggregate management 2 weeks ago
  carla d1f121cbc6
liquidity: move swap suggestions behind interface 2 weeks ago
  carla c6e816ad95
liquidity: move swap creation into separate function 2 weeks ago
  carla 9c35946cab
liquidity: simplify suggest swap to return swap amount 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 2ecdd24e1c
Merge pull request #339 from rockstardev/patch-1 2 weeks ago
  rockstardev 5baddac0fa
notes: update README.md 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 271215e8c6
Merge pull request #338 from lightninglabs/update-to-v0.11.4-beta 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth cf37c639e3
version: bump to 0.11.4-beta 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth d389a93bd4
Merge pull request #337 from bhandras/macaroonpath_default 3 weeks ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 55dd74c233
notes: update release_notes.md 3 weeks ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 591a244867
loop: add sane default for --lnd.macaroonpath 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 7d5e1a91c1
Merge pull request #335 from lightninglabs/v0.11.3-beta 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth ef28278d55
version: bump to 0.11.3-beta 3 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen fe42664e16
Merge pull request #332 from carlaKC/autoloop-1-disqualified 3 weeks ago
  carla cf50ffd43c
multi: add disqualified swaps to docs and release notes 3 weeks ago
  carla 22bd4cabb4
looprpc: add disqualified channels to suggest swaps response 3 weeks ago
  carla 7c4d71b175
liquidity: add reasons for autoloops not executing 3 weeks ago
  carla b9b75c3c32
liquidity: refactor eligible channels logic to ineligible channels 3 weeks ago
  carla d5096cdc21
liquidity: relax restriction which requires no unrestricted swaps 3 weeks ago
  carla 7ba1821696
liquidity: fail suggest swaps when no rules are set 3 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 67f417188d
Merge pull request #334 from guggero/single-macaroon 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 2a089d131e
loopd: all only specifying one lnd macaroon 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 6b8a12f709
docs: remove weird character in DOCKER.md 4 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 9af61481ea
Merge pull request #331 from carlaKC/autoloop-0-refactoring 1 month ago
  carla 68a5336362
liquidity: move logging out of suggest swaps function 1 month ago
  carla 476ae39ce9
multi: make server side restrictions function generic 1 month ago
  carla 69724757ce
multi: update autoloop labels to support both swap types 1 month ago