767 Commits (master)

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  Alex Bosworth 12d8fd0b76
Merge pull request #398 from lightninglabs/update-to-v0.14.1-beta 6 days ago
  Alex Bosworth cec9a9fe06
version: bump version to v0.14.1-beta 6 days ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 71eb88b2fa
Merge pull request #396 from carlaKC/subscribesingle-eof 1 week ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 087066bafe
Merge pull request #395 from carlaKC/390-uniquenames 1 week ago
  carla 0e72c2bf92
loopin: handle EOF case for SubscribeSingleInvoice 1 week ago
  carla 7dca93fd88
go.mod: bump to lndclient version that handles EOF 1 week ago
  carla cae72b5848
loopin/test: move invoice updates to loopin test context 1 week ago
  carla a3c8e54bf4
release_notes: note proto warning fixed 1 week ago
  carla 1bdcc2cd41
looprpc: prefix server and lnd enums to create unique names 1 week ago
  Alex Bosworth 9d3d9ce680
Merge pull request #393 from lightninglabs/bump-to-v0.14.0-beta 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 2d48842605
version: bump version to v0.14.0-beta 2 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth beff8964f7
Merge pull request #391 from mauricepoirrier/patch-1 2 weeks ago
  Maurice Poirrier 346ec2176c
docs: typo 2 weeks ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 124eeea9d3
Merge pull request #378 from carlaKC/383-cancelation 3 weeks ago
  carla 6350d873e0
release_notes: add swap cancelation feature 3 weeks ago
  carla 3aee9ae924
looprpc: add new server states for client-initiated cancelation 3 weeks ago
  carla f166ce899d
loopout: cancel swap with server when off-chain fails 3 weeks ago
  carla 6b732bacee
executor: fix linter error 3 weeks ago
  carla 16111352a8
multi: add cancel swap function to execute config 3 weeks ago
  carla 4040bb356d
loopout: refactor payInvoice to return more payment information 3 weeks ago
  carla 969e300241
loop: add cancel swap to server interface 3 weeks ago
  carla 71501ef2e8
looprpc: add server cancelation rpc to server.proto 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 0a8e037e61
Merge pull request #389 from lightninglabs/alexbosworth-patch-1 3 weeks ago
  Alex Bosworth 5df67ddbbf
docs: remove pending release notice 3 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger b8e1fb8a34
Merge pull request #388 from lightninglabs/lnd-0.13 3 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger fdbf7e95e1
client: fix double hex encoding of node pubkey 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 7453a72759
version: bump version to v0.13.0-beta 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 45dbd582d1
multi: bump lnd min version to v0.11.1-beta 4 weeks ago
  Oliver Gugger 32f1f2657b
multi: bump lnd to version v0.13.0-beta.rc2 1 month ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 245e6b7917
Merge pull request #372 from carlaKC/sweep-abandon 1 month ago
  carla 9db8bd5f2a
loopout: do not reveal preimage if time to safe reveal has passed 1 month ago
  yyforyongyu 8d4404a8fb
loopout: add test for checking preimage reveal after timeout 1 month ago
  carla ab9a662758
loop/test: simplify preimage push test to be less dependent on height 1 month ago
  Alex Bosworth db56b31b11
Merge pull request #379 from lightninglabs/v0.12.2-beta-release 1 month ago
  Alex Bosworth 9b5a3401fc
version: bump to v0.12.2-beta 1 month ago
  András Bánki-Horváth ef296e9c74
Merge pull request #377 from bhandras/chainnoitifer_fix 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath a0b67da590
loop: wait for chain notifier server to start 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 5d39ffec42
Merge pull request #375 from guggero/lsat-aperture 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 68c22d7192
lsat: remove local lsat package 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 27fd6b3304
multi: use aperture instead of local lsat library 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 9fe7ab1a0d
Merge pull request #374 from guggero/db-timeout 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 39c8c9278d
loopd+loopdb: add timeout to DB open 1 month ago
  András Bánki-Horváth c4c1f32bd9
Merge pull request #371 from ellemouton/bumpGoVersion 1 month ago
  Elle Mouton 208e1acc57 multi: bump minimum golang version to 1.15 1 month ago
  Alex Bosworth 4b68fce09a
Merge pull request #367 from yyforyongyu/increase-250 2 months ago
  yyforyongyu d8f45b645c
cmd: increase max miner fee multiplier 2 months ago
  Alex Bosworth 8c3206c785
Merge pull request #363 from lightninglabs/bump-to-v0.12.1-beta 2 months ago
  Alex Bosworth cedd16a178
version: bump to v0.12.1-beta 2 months ago
  Carla Kirk-Cohen 1681aafade
Merge pull request #362 from carlaKC/autoloop-includepeers 2 months ago
  carla cc10d5b207
release_notes: note update to autoloop reasons for peers 2 months ago