129 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martin Habovstiak 158e22f2a7 Documented the menaing of returned bool 1 month ago
  Martin Habovstiak c00da1cf09 Renamed explicitConfig to hasExplicitConfig 1 month ago
  Martin Habovštiak 2c1e437f26
Remove extra space 1 month ago
  Martin Habovstiak 84582bbb88 Improve error handling of config file 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 0e7ed91d5d
loop: integrate the probe api with loop-in quote 1 month ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath f786aaa016
loop: add support for the probe API 4 months ago
  Oliver Gugger a7fff0ac2f
multi: update lnd master with grpc-gateway upgrade 1 month ago
  Oliver Gugger 803773bb65
loop+loopd: fix linter after re-generating protos 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 4e45c2908a
loopd: fix ALPN issue with Python 2 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 45dbd582d1
multi: bump lnd min version to v0.11.1-beta 4 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 32f1f2657b
multi: bump lnd to version v0.13.0-beta.rc2 4 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 27fd6b3304
multi: use aperture instead of local lsat library 4 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 39c8c9278d
loopd+loopdb: add timeout to DB open 4 months ago
  Elle Mouton 65fe06cec2 loopd: verify loop out amount 6 months ago
  Elle Mouton 5399e60554 loopd: verify that dest addr is for correct chain 6 months ago
  Elle Mouton 5c34dd1177 loopd: refactor loop out request validation 6 months ago
  yyforyongyu c4d46a24a0
looprpc: add conf_target to loop in/out quote resp 6 months ago
  carla 90561f8ac7
multi: add fee percentage to rpc 6 months ago
  carla dd1a2de731
multi: add flat fee percentage to autoloop 6 months ago
  carla c778124718
liquidity: move fees behind interface 6 months ago
  carla b9aae4f8f9
loop: add peer rules to set rule command 7 months ago
  carla 949e76bb2a
looprpc: add peer level rules to rpc 7 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 591a244867
loop: add sane default for --lnd.macaroonpath 7 months ago
  carla 22bd4cabb4
looprpc: add disqualified channels to suggest swaps response 7 months ago
  carla 7c4d71b175
liquidity: add reasons for autoloops not executing 7 months ago
  carla 7ba1821696
liquidity: fail suggest swaps when no rules are set 7 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 2a089d131e
loopd: all only specifying one lnd macaroon 7 months ago
  carla 476ae39ce9
multi: make server side restrictions function generic 7 months ago
  carla 24aa429aa0
liquidity: rename ticker and default to autoloop 7 months ago
  carla 71ace95ac8
loop: rename autoloop specific parameters 7 months ago
  carla a168ba3400
liquidity: rename auto out boolean to autoloop 7 months ago
  carla 3818e4576e
loopd: wait for lnd to be unlocked before starting 8 months ago
  carla 6c2d88b3a5
multi: bump lndclient to version with wait for unlock 8 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 1a57e03df4
loopd: pass macaroon root key ID in context 9 months ago
  Oliver Gugger fb9034220c
mod: update lnd to v0.12.0 9 months ago
  carla 74f2c96810
looprpc: add custom client sizes for autoloop 9 months ago
  carla 3f0fc14c34
liquidity: allow custom autoloop swap sizes within the server's limits 9 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 8758d00862
loopd: add initiator to swap requests 10 months ago
  carla 87b02b7715
multi: add force tick endpoint behind debug server 11 months ago
  carla eb6b476469
looprpc: add autoloop parameters to rpc server 11 months ago
  carla 8166d936e1
multi: add opt-in automated swap dispatch to liquidity manager 11 months ago
  carla 7b56804bbe
multi: move label validation to rpc and simplify validation function 11 months ago
  carla f23a527927
looprpc: add fee and backoff parameters to rpc 11 months ago
  carla 0212a41ed0
liquidity: make swap suggestions fee-aware 11 months ago
  carla 1d8609bae3
liquidity: add sweep fee limit and confirmations to suggestions 11 months ago
  carla 7740231bac
liquidity: make swap suggestions aware of ongoing swaps 11 months ago
  carla ad8b5d0552
liquidity: add clock for mocking time in tests 11 months ago
  carla 7e9034b2ff
liquidity: return OutRequest from swap suggestions and set fees 11 months ago
  carla ad2b37e709
loopd: add suggestions endpoints to macaroons 11 months ago
  Oliver Gugger 688659421b
mod+loopd: bump to lnd v0.11.1-beta.rc3 1 year ago