34 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  carla 692620d367
liquidity: add fee budget to swap suggestions 3 months ago
  carla 7b56804bbe
multi: move label validation to rpc and simplify validation function 3 months ago
  Joost Jager c8666caf20
loopin: mpp pre-swap probe 8 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 133f3cac5f multi: integrate the new htlc v2 scripts to loop in/out 6 months ago
  Andras Banki-Horvath 86db43a2cb loopdb: store protocol version alongside with swaps 6 months ago
  carla 1877b7f08b
multi: store loop out htlc confirmations on disk 5 months ago
  carla 9678c7817d
multi: add swap label to SwapContract and store under separate key 5 months ago
  Joost Jager a3b7fa5977
loopin: fail swap when htlc amount is incorrect 7 months ago
  Joost Jager b5a49ed205
loopdb: classify InvoiceSettled as pending 7 months ago
  Joost Jager 4da4738a2d
loopdb: persist htlc tx hash 7 months ago
  Joost Jager 12a7b34d88
loopdb: migrate to nested updates structure 7 months ago
  Joost Jager eaf8239e49
loopdb: allow restored databases to contain nil values 7 months ago
  Joost Jager 3e71ff0c81
loopdb: strongly typed constants 7 months ago
  Joost Jager 8c544bf2ba
loopdb: store outgoing channel set 8 months ago
  Joost Jager 044c1c12dd
loopdb/test: add database dump and restore tools 8 months ago
  Joost Jager bd6e3f405a
loopdb/test: parameterize loop out test 8 months ago
  Joost Jager 503c83c29f
loopdb: unroll shared fetch logic 8 months ago
  Joost Jager 9927139dd3
loopdb: extract update deserialization 8 months ago
  Joost Jager ba5577748b
loopdb: unroll shared creation logic 8 months ago
  Joost Jager 535e964ec9
loopdb: migrate loop in channel to last hop 11 months ago
  Johan T. Halseth 034cba5b95
loopdb/loopout: add field SwapPublicationDeadline to LoopOutContract 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger b574e344ea
multi: add persistent logger 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 36838cf7f4
multi: fix most obvious linter errors 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 6efa62347b
multi: store swap cost in database 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 24a1b8d642
loopdb: initialize new database with current version 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 7d6ed06d5c
loopdb: enable logging 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 1b306ad425
loopdb: replace swap state enum by state data object 1 year ago
  Joost Jager b5d2fb3894
loopd: add loop in state InvoiceSettled 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 2e48ead6d6
loopd: loop in from external address 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 6a0a9556a0
loopdb: add loop in 1 year ago
  Joost Jager e81298ce3e
loopdb: move code to shared code file 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 9a1b60b4be
multi: always supply chain params when decoding addresses 1 year ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 94f347e673
multi: finalize rename from uncharge to loop out 1 year ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun cdcb9f8345 loopdb: make new loopdb package to house persistent storage 1 year ago