22 Commits (a473ab5d79dc7c1f6167854ed4ff52dfb040f04b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Oliver Gugger 1811aa49a3
looprpc: remove streaming REST endpoint, fix comment 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 535e964ec9
loopdb: migrate loop in channel to last hop 1 year ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 39640d2465
looprpc: add cli commands to all calls 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger b694a76be0
looprpc+loopd: deprecate string ID 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 3e25bc3174
loopd+looprpc: add REST compatible status calls 1 year ago
  Johan T. Halseth b102802ce5
looprpc: add SwapPublicationDeadline to QuoteRequest 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger 47bf510bd8
loopd: add RPC method to list tokens 1 year ago
  Johan T. Halseth ea1f9ff8ba
looprpc: add SwapPublicationDeadline to client proto 1 year ago
  Johan T. Halseth 0cff92d265
looprpc+cmd: deprecate dynamic terms 1 year ago
  Oliver Gugger be9a2b9a47
looprpc: add external HTLC flag to quote request 1 year ago
  Nigel Christian 861808530a loop: add REST endpoints for Loop In 1 year ago
  Wilmer Paulino c16e170338
multi: expose confirmation target for loop out HTLC sweep 1 year ago
  Wilmer Paulino a138790822
multi: expose confirmation target for loop out quotes 1 year ago
  Joost Jager 6aa9071c4d
looprpc+loop: report swap cost over rpc 2 years ago
  Joost Jager b5d2fb3894
loopd: add loop in state InvoiceSettled 2 years ago
  Joost Jager f7f9751a1a
loop: hide loop in channel selection flag 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 2e48ead6d6
loopd: loop in from external address 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 3e960b8b54
multi: loop in swap 2 years ago
  Wilmer Paulino 9edb910f53
looprpc: generate client REST definitions 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun e299dc696c
looprpc: rename service actions from uncharge to loop out 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun 68d49eee88
multi: update import paths to point to new looprpc pacakge 2 years ago
  Olaoluwa Osuntokun ba1f427cf4
looprpc: move client+server protos to new looprpc package 2 years ago
  Joost Jager 21fcd8d94e
Lightning Loop initial version 2 years ago