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package labels
import (
const (
// MaxLength is the maximum length we allow for labels.
MaxLength = 500
// Reserved is used as a prefix to separate labels that are created by
// loopd from those created by users.
Reserved = "[reserved]"
// autoOut is the label used for loop out swaps that are automatically
// dispatched.
autoOut = "autoloop-out"
var (
// ErrLabelTooLong is returned when a label exceeds our length limit.
ErrLabelTooLong = errors.New("label exceeds maximum length")
// ErrReservedPrefix is returned when a label contains the prefix
// which is reserved for internally produced labels.
ErrReservedPrefix = errors.New("label contains reserved prefix")
// AutoOutLabel returns a label with the reserved prefix that identifies
// automatically dispatched loop outs.
func AutoOutLabel() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%v: %v", Reserved, autoOut)
// Validate checks that a label is of appropriate length and is not in our list
// of reserved labels.
func Validate(label string) error {
if len(label) > MaxLength {
return ErrLabelTooLong
// Check if our label begins with our reserved prefix. We don't mind if
// it has our reserved prefix in another case, we just need to be able
// to reserve a subset of labels with this prefix.
if strings.HasPrefix(label, Reserved) {
return ErrReservedPrefix
return nil