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package liquidity
import (
// balances summarizes the state of the balances of a channel. Channel reserve,
// fees and pending htlc balances are not included in these balances.
type balances struct {
// capacity is the total capacity of the channel.
capacity btcutil.Amount
// incoming is the remote balance of the channel.
incoming btcutil.Amount
// outgoing is the local balance of the channel.
outgoing btcutil.Amount
// channelID is the channel that has these balances.
channelID lnwire.ShortChannelID
// newBalances creates a balances struct from lndclient channel information.
func newBalances(info lndclient.ChannelInfo) *balances {
return &balances{
capacity: info.Capacity,
incoming: info.RemoteBalance,
outgoing: info.LocalBalance,
channelID: lnwire.NewShortChanIDFromInt(info.ChannelID),