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package liquidity
import (
// LoopOutRecommendation contains the information required to recommend a loop
// out.
type LoopOutRecommendation struct {
// Amount is the total amount to swap.
Amount btcutil.Amount
// Channel is the target outgoing channel.
Channel lnwire.ShortChannelID
// String returns a string representation of a loop out recommendation.
func (l *LoopOutRecommendation) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("loop out: %v over %v", l.Amount,
// newLoopOutRecommendation creates a new loop out swap.
func newLoopOutRecommendation(amount btcutil.Amount,
channelID lnwire.ShortChannelID) *LoopOutRecommendation {
return &LoopOutRecommendation{
Amount: amount,
Channel: channelID,