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Loop Client Release Notes

This file tracks release notes for the loop client.


  • When new features are added to the repo, a short description of the feature should be added under the "Next Release" heading.
  • This should be done in the same PR as the change so that our release notes stay in sync!

Release Manager:

  • All of the items under the "Next Release" heading should be included in the release notes.
  • As part of the PR that bumps the client version, the "Next Release" heading should be replaced with the release version including the changes.


New Features

  • Multi-path payment has been enabled for Loop In. This means that it is now possible to replenish multiple channels via a single Loop In request and a single on-chain htlc. This has to potential to greatly reduce chain fee costs. Note that it is not yet possible to select specific peers to loop in through.
  • The daemon now sends a user agent string with each swap. This allows developers to identify their fork or custom implementation of the loop client.
Updated Swap Suggestions
  • The swap suggestions endpoint has been updated to be fee-aware. Swaps that exceed the fee limits set by the liquidity manager will no longer be suggested (see getParams for the current limits, and use setParams to update these values).
  • Swap suggestions are now aware of ongoing and previously failed swaps. They will not suggest swaps for channels that are currently being utilized for swaps, and will not suggest any swaps if a swap that is not limited to a specific peer or channel is ongoing. If a channel was part of a failed swap within the last 24H, it will be excluded from our swap suggestions (this value is configurable).
  • The debug logging level is recommended if using this feature.

Breaking Changes

  • Macaroon authentication has been enabled for the loopd gRPC and REST connections. This makes it possible for the loop API to be exposed safely over the internet as unauthorized access is now prevented.

    The daemon will write a default loop.macaroon in its main directory. For mainnet this file will be picked up automatically by the loop CLI tool. For testnet you need to specify the --network=testnet flag. More information about TLS and macaroons.

  • The setparm loopcli endpoint is renamed to setrule because this endpoint is only used for setting liqudity rules (parameters can be set using the new setparams endpoint).

Bug Fixes