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# timeout for analysis
deadline: 4m
# Linting uses a lot of memory. Keep it under control by only running a single
# worker.
concurrency: 1
# simplify code: gofmt with `-s` option, true by default
simplify: true
enable-all: true
# Global variables are used in many places throughout the code base.
- gochecknoglobals
# Some lines are over 80 characters on purpose and we don't want to make them
# even longer by marking them as 'nolint'.
- lll
# We don't care (enough) about misaligned structs to lint that.
- maligned
# We have long functions, especially in tests. Moving or renaming those would
# trigger funlen problems that we may not want to solve at that time.
- funlen
# Disable for now as we haven't yet tuned the sensitivity to our codebase
# yet. Enabling by default for example, would also force new contributors to
# potentially extensively refactor code, when they want to smaller change to
# land.
- gocyclo
# Instances of table driven tests that don't pre-allocate shouldn't trigger
# the linter.
- prealloc
# Init functions are used by loggers throughout the codebase.
- gochecknoinits
# Only show newly introduced problems.
new-from-rev: 36838cf7f464cf73b0201798063b2caffeae4250