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package loop
import (
type swapKit struct {
hash lntypes.Hash
height int32
log *swap.PrefixLog
lastUpdateTime time.Time
cost loopdb.SwapCost
state loopdb.SwapState
contract *loopdb.SwapContract
swapType swap.Type
func newSwapKit(hash lntypes.Hash, swapType swap.Type, cfg *swapConfig,
contract *loopdb.SwapContract) *swapKit {
log := &swap.PrefixLog{
Hash: hash,
Logger: log,
return &swapKit{
swapConfig: *cfg,
hash: hash,
log: log,
state: loopdb.StateInitiated,
contract: contract,
swapType: swapType,
// GetHtlcScriptVersion returns the correct HTLC script version for the passed
// protocol version.
func GetHtlcScriptVersion(
protocolVersion loopdb.ProtocolVersion) swap.ScriptVersion {
if protocolVersion != loopdb.ProtocolVersionUnrecorded &&
protocolVersion >= loopdb.ProtocolVersionHtlcV2 {
// Use HTLC v2 script only if we know the swap was initiated
// with a client that supports HTLC v2. Unrecorded protocol
// version implies that there was no protocol version stored
// along side a serialized swap that we're resuming in which
// case the swap was initiated with HTLC v1 script.
return swap.HtlcV2
return swap.HtlcV1
// getHtlc composes and returns the on-chain swap script.
func (s *swapKit) getHtlc(outputType swap.HtlcOutputType) (*swap.Htlc, error) {
return swap.NewHtlc(
s.contract.CltvExpiry, s.contract.SenderKey,
s.contract.ReceiverKey, s.hash, outputType,
// swapInfo constructs and returns a filled SwapInfo from
// the swapKit.
func (s *swapKit) swapInfo() *SwapInfo {
return &SwapInfo{
SwapContract: *s.contract,
SwapHash: s.hash,
SwapType: s.swapType,
LastUpdate: s.lastUpdateTime,
SwapStateData: loopdb.SwapStateData{
State: s.state,
Cost: s.cost,
type genericSwap interface {
execute(mainCtx context.Context, cfg *executeConfig,
height int32) error
type swapConfig struct {
lnd *lndclient.LndServices
store loopdb.SwapStore
server swapServerClient
func newSwapConfig(lnd *lndclient.LndServices, store loopdb.SwapStore,
server swapServerClient) *swapConfig {
return &swapConfig{
lnd: lnd,
store: store,
server: server,