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Loop Client Release Notes

This file tracks release notes for the loop client.


  • When new features are added to the repo, a short description of the feature should be added under the "Next Release" heading.
  • This should be done in the same PR as the change so that our release notes stay in sync!

Release Manager:

  • All of the items under the "Next Release" heading should be included in the release notes.
  • As part of the PR that bumps the client version, cut everything below the 'Next Release' heading.
  • These notes can either be pasted in a temporary doc, or you can get them from the PR diff once it is merged.
  • The notes are just a guideline as to the changes that have been made since the last release, they can be updated.
  • Once the version bump PR is merged and tagged, add the release notes to the tag on GitHub.

Next release

New Features

Breaking Changes

  • Failing to load configuration file specified by --configfile for any reason is now hard error. If you've used --configfile to mean "optional extra configuration" you will need to create an empty file. This was done in #413 to improve error reporting and avoid confusion. Similarly, failure to load any configuration file for reason other than NotFound is hard error, though this is not strictly breaking because such scenario would be already broken later.

Bug Fixes