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package client
import (
type swapKit struct {
htlc *utils.Htlc
hash lntypes.Hash
height int32
log *utils.SwapLog
lastUpdateTime time.Time
cost SwapCost
state SwapState
contract *SwapContract
swapType SwapType
func newSwapKit(hash lntypes.Hash, swapType SwapType, cfg *swapConfig,
contract *SwapContract) (*swapKit, error) {
// Compose expected on-chain swap script
htlc, err := utils.NewHtlc(
contract.CltvExpiry, contract.SenderKey,
contract.ReceiverKey, hash,
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// Log htlc address for debugging.
htlcAddress, err := htlc.Address(cfg.lnd.ChainParams)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
log := &utils.SwapLog{
Hash: hash,
Logger: logger,
log.Infof("Htlc address: %v", htlcAddress)
return &swapKit{
swapConfig: *cfg,
hash: hash,
log: log,
htlc: htlc,
state: StateInitiated,
contract: contract,
swapType: swapType,
}, nil
// sendUpdate reports an update to the swap state.
func (s *swapKit) sendUpdate(ctx context.Context) error {
info := &SwapInfo{
SwapContract: *s.contract,
SwapHash: s.hash,
SwapType: s.swapType,
LastUpdate: s.lastUpdateTime,
State: s.state,
s.log.Infof("state %v", info.State)
select {
case s.statusChan <- *info:
case <-ctx.Done():
return ctx.Err()
return nil
type genericSwap interface {
execute(mainCtx context.Context, cfg *executeConfig,
height int32) error
type swapConfig struct {
lnd *lndclient.LndServices
store swapClientStore
server swapServerClient