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package main
import (
var (
loopDirBase = btcutil.AppDataDir("loop", false)
defaultLogLevel = "info"
defaultLogDirname = "logs"
defaultLogFilename = "loopd.log"
defaultLogDir = filepath.Join(loopDirBase, defaultLogDirname)
defaultMaxLogFiles = 3
defaultMaxLogFileSize = 10
type lndConfig struct {
Host string `long:"host" description:"lnd instance rpc address"`
MacaroonDir string `long:"macaroondir" description:"Path to the directory containing all the required lnd macaroons"`
TLSPath string `long:"tlspath" description:"Path to lnd tls certificate"`
type viewParameters struct{}
type config struct {
ShowVersion bool `short:"V" long:"version" description:"Display version information and exit"`
Insecure bool `long:"insecure" description:"disable tls"`
Network string `long:"network" description:"network to run on" choice:"regtest" choice:"testnet" choice:"mainnet" choice:"simnet"`
SwapServer string `long:"swapserver" description:"swap server address host:port"`
RPCListen string `long:"rpclisten" description:"Address to listen on for gRPC clients"`
RESTListen string `long:"restlisten" description:"Address to listen on for REST clients"`
LogDir string `long:"logdir" description:"Directory to log output."`
MaxLogFiles int `long:"maxlogfiles" description:"Maximum logfiles to keep (0 for no rotation)"`
MaxLogFileSize int `long:"maxlogfilesize" description:"Maximum logfile size in MB"`
DebugLevel string `short:"d" long:"debuglevel" description:"Logging level for all subsystems {trace, debug, info, warn, error, critical} -- You may also specify <subsystem>=<level>,<subsystem2>=<level>,... to set the log level for individual subsystems -- Use show to list available subsystems"`
Lnd *lndConfig `group:"lnd" namespace:"lnd"`
View viewParameters `command:"view" alias:"v" description:"View all swaps in the database. This command can only be executed when loopd is not running."`
const (
mainnetServer = ""
testnetServer = ""
var defaultConfig = config{
Network: "mainnet",
RPCListen: "localhost:11010",
RESTListen: "localhost:8081",
Insecure: false,
LogDir: defaultLogDir,
MaxLogFiles: defaultMaxLogFiles,
MaxLogFileSize: defaultMaxLogFileSize,
DebugLevel: defaultLogLevel,
Lnd: &lndConfig{
Host: "localhost:10009",