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package loopdb
import (
// ProtocolVersion represents the protocol version (declared on rpc level) that
// the client declared to us.
type ProtocolVersion uint32
const (
// ProtocolVersionLegacy indicates that the client is a legacy version
// that did not report its protocol version.
ProtocolVersionLegacy ProtocolVersion = 0
// ProtocolVersionMultiLoopOut indicates that the client supports multi
// loop out.
ProtocolVersionMultiLoopOut ProtocolVersion = 1
// ProtocolVersionSegwitLoopIn indicates that the client supports segwit
// loop in.
ProtocolVersionSegwitLoopIn ProtocolVersion = 2
// ProtocolVersionPreimagePush indicates that the client will push loop
// out preimages to the sever to speed up claim.
ProtocolVersionPreimagePush ProtocolVersion = 3
// ProtocolVersionUserExpiryLoopOut indicates that the client will
// propose a cltv expiry height for loop out.
ProtocolVersionUserExpiryLoopOut ProtocolVersion = 4
// ProtocolVersionHtlcV2 indicates that the client will use the new
// HTLC v2 scrips for swaps.
ProtocolVersionHtlcV2 ProtocolVersion = 5
// ProtocolVersionMultiLoopIn indicates that the client creates a probe
// invoice so that the server can perform a multi-path probe.
ProtocolVersionMultiLoopIn ProtocolVersion = 6
// ProtocolVersionUnrecorded is set for swaps were created before we
// started saving protocol version with swaps.
ProtocolVersionUnrecorded ProtocolVersion = math.MaxUint32
// CurrentRPCProtocolVersion defines the version of the RPC protocol
// that is currently supported by the loop client.
CurrentRPCProtocolVersion = looprpc.ProtocolVersion_MULTI_LOOP_IN
// CurrentInternalProtocolVersion defines the RPC current protocol in
// the internal representation.
CurrentInternalProtocolVersion = ProtocolVersion(CurrentRPCProtocolVersion)
// Valid returns true if the value of the ProtocolVersion is valid.
func (p ProtocolVersion) Valid() bool {
return p <= CurrentInternalProtocolVersion
// String returns the string representation of a protocol version.
func (p ProtocolVersion) String() string {
switch p {
case ProtocolVersionUnrecorded:
return "Unrecorded"
case ProtocolVersionLegacy:
return "Legacy"
case ProtocolVersionMultiLoopOut:
return "Multi Loop Out"
case ProtocolVersionSegwitLoopIn:
return "Segwit Loop In"
case ProtocolVersionPreimagePush:
return "Preimage Push"
case ProtocolVersionUserExpiryLoopOut:
return "User Expiry Loop Out"
case ProtocolVersionHtlcV2:
return "HTLC V2"
return "Unknown"