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package test
import (
var (
testStartingHeight = int32(600)
testNodePubkey = "03f5374b16f0b1f1b49101de1b9d89e0b460bc57ce9c2f9" +
testSignature = []byte{55, 66, 77, 88, 99}
testSignatureMsg = "test"
// NewMockLnd returns a new instance of LndMockServices that can be used in unit
// tests.
func NewMockLnd() *LndMockServices {
lightningClient := &mockLightningClient{}
walletKit := &mockWalletKit{
feeEstimates: make(map[int32]chainfee.SatPerKWeight),
chainNotifier := &mockChainNotifier{}
signer := &mockSigner{}
invoices := &mockInvoices{}
router := &mockRouter{}
versioner := newMockVersioner()
lnd := LndMockServices{
LndServices: lndclient.LndServices{
WalletKit: walletKit,
Client: lightningClient,
ChainNotifier: chainNotifier,
Signer: signer,
Invoices: invoices,
Router: router,
ChainParams: &chaincfg.TestNet3Params,
Versioner: versioner,
SendPaymentChannel: make(chan PaymentChannelMessage),
ConfChannel: make(chan *chainntnfs.TxConfirmation),
RegisterConfChannel: make(chan *ConfRegistration),
RegisterSpendChannel: make(chan *SpendRegistration),
SpendChannel: make(chan *chainntnfs.SpendDetail),
TxPublishChannel: make(chan *wire.MsgTx),
SendOutputsChannel: make(chan wire.MsgTx),
SettleInvoiceChannel: make(chan lntypes.Preimage),
SingleInvoiceSubcribeChannel: make(chan *SingleInvoiceSubscription, 1),
RouterSendPaymentChannel: make(chan RouterPaymentChannelMessage),
TrackPaymentChannel: make(chan TrackPaymentMessage),
SignOutputRawChannel: make(chan SignOutputRawRequest),
FailInvoiceChannel: make(chan lntypes.Hash, 2),
epochChannel: make(chan int32),
Height: testStartingHeight,
NodePubkey: testNodePubkey,
Signature: testSignature,
SignatureMsg: testSignatureMsg,
Invoices: make(map[lntypes.Hash]*lndclient.Invoice),
lightningClient.lnd = &lnd
chainNotifier.lnd = &lnd
walletKit.lnd = &lnd
invoices.lnd = &lnd
router.lnd = &lnd
signer.lnd = &lnd
// Also simulate the cached info that is loaded on startup.
info, _ := lightningClient.GetInfo(context.Background())
version, _ := versioner.GetVersion(context.Background())
lnd.LndServices.NodeAlias = info.Alias
lnd.LndServices.NodePubkey = info.IdentityPubkey
lnd.LndServices.Version = version
lnd.WaitForFinished = func() {
return &lnd
// PaymentChannelMessage is the data that passed through SendPaymentChannel.
type PaymentChannelMessage struct {
PaymentRequest string
Done chan lndclient.PaymentResult
// TrackPaymentMessage is the data that passed through TrackPaymentChannel.
type TrackPaymentMessage struct {
Hash lntypes.Hash
Updates chan lndclient.PaymentStatus
Errors chan error
// RouterPaymentChannelMessage is the data that passed through RouterSendPaymentChannel.
type RouterPaymentChannelMessage struct {
// SingleInvoiceSubscription contains the single invoice subscribers
type SingleInvoiceSubscription struct {
Hash lntypes.Hash
Update chan lndclient.InvoiceUpdate
Err chan error
// SignOutputRawRequest contains input data for a tx signing request.
type SignOutputRawRequest struct {
Tx *wire.MsgTx
SignDescriptors []*lndclient.SignDescriptor
// LndMockServices provides a full set of mocked lnd services.
type LndMockServices struct {
SendPaymentChannel chan PaymentChannelMessage
SpendChannel chan *chainntnfs.SpendDetail
TxPublishChannel chan *wire.MsgTx
SendOutputsChannel chan wire.MsgTx
SettleInvoiceChannel chan lntypes.Preimage
FailInvoiceChannel chan lntypes.Hash
epochChannel chan int32
ConfChannel chan *chainntnfs.TxConfirmation
RegisterConfChannel chan *ConfRegistration
RegisterSpendChannel chan *SpendRegistration
SingleInvoiceSubcribeChannel chan *SingleInvoiceSubscription
RouterSendPaymentChannel chan RouterPaymentChannelMessage
TrackPaymentChannel chan TrackPaymentMessage
SignOutputRawChannel chan SignOutputRawRequest
Height int32
NodePubkey string
Signature []byte
SignatureMsg string
Transactions []lndclient.Transaction
Sweeps []string
// Invoices is a set of invoices that have been created by the mock,
// keyed by hash string.
Invoices map[lntypes.Hash]*lndclient.Invoice
Channels []lndclient.ChannelInfo
ClosedChannels []lndclient.ClosedChannel
ForwardingEvents []lndclient.ForwardingEvent
Payments []lndclient.Payment
WaitForFinished func()
lock sync.Mutex
// NotifyHeight notifies a new block height.
func (s *LndMockServices) NotifyHeight(height int32) error {
s.Height = height
select {
case s.epochChannel <- height:
case <-time.After(Timeout):
return ErrTimeout
return nil
// AddRelevantTx marks the given transaction as relevant.
func (s *LndMockServices) AddTx(tx *wire.MsgTx) {
s.Transactions = append(s.Transactions, lndclient.Transaction{
Tx: tx.Copy(),
// IsDone checks whether all channels have been fully emptied. If not this may
// indicate unexpected behaviour of the code under test.
func (s *LndMockServices) IsDone() error {
select {
case <-s.SendPaymentChannel:
return errors.New("SendPaymentChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.SpendChannel:
return errors.New("SpendChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.TxPublishChannel:
return errors.New("TxPublishChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.SendOutputsChannel:
return errors.New("SendOutputsChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.SettleInvoiceChannel:
return errors.New("SettleInvoiceChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.ConfChannel:
return errors.New("ConfChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.RegisterConfChannel:
return errors.New("RegisterConfChannel not empty")
select {
case <-s.RegisterSpendChannel:
return errors.New("RegisterSpendChannel not empty")
return nil
// DecodeInvoice decodes a payment request string.
func (s *LndMockServices) DecodeInvoice(request string) (*zpay32.Invoice,
error) {
return zpay32.Decode(request, s.ChainParams)
func (s *LndMockServices) SetFeeEstimate(confTarget int32,
feeEstimate chainfee.SatPerKWeight) {
s.WalletKit.(*mockWalletKit).feeEstimates[confTarget] = feeEstimate