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Steffen Rademacker 218e7ed686 n + imagick 1 month ago
etc n + imagick 1 month ago
hammerspoon Better window management with hammerspoon 3 months ago
install Remove unused plugins, current python + some npm packages 2 months ago
karabiner Updates and file-splitting for big sur 6 months ago
lazygit Remove lazygit state 4 months ago
nvim Minor fixes and better vim key-mappings 1 month ago
office Better mutt and terminal previews with quicklook 4 months ago
other From antigen to zinit, removed lots of useless zsh stuff 4 months ago
zsh n + imagick 1 month ago
.gitignore Add lazygit config 4 months ago Update readme, this is WIP :) 1 year ago
editorconfig Add typescript to default editorconfig 4 months ago
gitconfig Minor fixes and better vim key-mappings 1 month ago
gitignore Add vim-sessions to gitignore 7 months ago
ripgreprc Move to ripgrep, ditch silver searcher 2 years ago
starship.toml Add starship config 3 months ago
tmux.conf tmux statusline + no reminders anymore 3 months ago


This is a collection of my dotfiles, configuration and some other scripts.